Music Exclusive Vol.77 (2010)

Post by Tuga On 6/21/2010
Download da Música VA+ +Music+Exclusive+from+DjmcBiT+vol.77+%282010%29 Music Exclusive Vol.77 (2010)

1.Cantona vs Dr Victor – Tumbai Funkk Frikz Remix
2.Comiccon – Komodo 10 Extended Mix
3.Damian William – Tune In (original edit)
4.Deadmau5 vs. Benny Benassi – The Reward Is Some Satisfying Chords
5.DJ Antention – Go (Aerotronic Remix)
6.DJ Bassiv – Hard Sensation Radio edit
7.Eric Prydz – Call On Me DJ Haipa Dima Voice Remix
8.FR Feat. Jenny B. – Love Is The Music (Electro Mix)
9.G.IL.V – My Form Criminal (Vibes Electro Mix)
10.Get Far – Shining Star (Z&N Project Vocal Mix)

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